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€43.08 €65.28
  • Pieejams
  • z99162

  • Brīdinājums: nav
  • Materiāls: Sveķu
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: oueneifs
  • BJD/SD Atribūts: Lelle
  • Akumulators: nav
  • acu krāsa: var izvēlēties
  • Izmēri: 42cm
  • Tēma: Filmu un TV
  • krāsa: balta āda, rozā, ādas, ādas iedegumu
  • Modeļa Numurs: minifee
  • Vienuma Tips: Lelles
  • Forma: 1/4
  • Stāvoklis: Jo-Noliktavas Preces
  • Veids: bjd lelles
  • lelle ādas krāsu: var izvēlēties
  • Funkcijas: Karikatūra,Mini,Izglītības,DIY (do it yourself, Rotaļlietas,Modelis
  • Izmērs: human version, fantasy Version, fullset no clothing, human face up
  • Vecums: > 14 gadiem
  • Dzimums: Unisex
  • Mfg Sērijas Numurs: Zvaigžņu Produkts
  • seju uz augšu: var ( vajag maksas )

  • Iepakojuma Lielums: 50cm x 12cm x 11cm (19.69in x 4.72in x 4.33in)
  • Iepakojuma Svars: 0.9kg (1.98lb.)
  • Vienības Veids: gabals

Super fast shipping! They followed my requests and the price was incredible. Workmanship was perfect, no problems except one of the hands seeming sort of fragile but everything arrived in perfect condition. Magnets are strong and she can stand properly. All magnets are included and well glued. With a little hot glue sueding she will be able to pose perfectly out of the box. :D I am super happy with her color and detailed sculpt. As usual for this store the doll had no seam lines. I appreciate the extra doll bag and magic eraser that was included. Perfect order!
She is absolutely gorgeous and well made!
Dont Forget Me 7
wonderful just doll! all i really liked! and high quality made makeup smoothly, visible, master tried that! doll skin color white, and i заказывала, it's all very well packed, direct wow! if you could, has set to 10000000 points, thanks so much for the miracle! doll шла 20 days! ------------------- doll is just the wonderful! i liked much very it all! evenly and qualitatively executed is make-up, tried master the clear that it is! white is the skin of the doll's color, ordered i as, everything came very packed well, wow right! i if could, i put would 10,000,000 points, thank you for much very such miracle a! 20 days for doll a was there! ------- sent me this picture, photo is my! but it looks in life, as the photo, therefore пугайтесь! ----------------- this photo was sent by the seller to me, the photo is not mine! in like the photo looks she but life in, so do not be scared!
Rin with moe line, B Chest (15'5cm) white skin. She looks perfect to me, well done and beautiful. The package had some problems but the seller solved them. All come perfect, Thanks, seller! Fantastic doll. Excellent seller, I totally recommend him.
very beautiful doll! (if need order separately makeup!)

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